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Hooohooo Deathnote <3

Hooohooo Deathnote <3


HAHAHA! Fucking Life pwede maging exciting naman minsan please para masaya? :( 








wait a second

didnt all the guardians have lives before they became guardians????

"You should have seen bunny before this"

"Ask me a question in Ask Fm <3"

Why did I get high grades in our English class though I’m too bad in grammar?

Hahaha! I can still remember I always got good grades in all english classes though I’m too bad in grammar. And I always get in trouble in that issue of having high grades which they are thinking I don’t really deserve. Too funny that many of my classmates want to know me much but they hesitate because of my mysterious and weird aura some people say. Hahahaha! I just always got few friends, and they are unique each in personalities which I explore and wanna understand. ;)

Miss ko na Facebook :(

Bakit kasi ayaw makapag Facebook cellphone na toh :( hahays, sayang wifi YouTube at ask fm lang pinagtritripan ko.. Ask nalang kayo sa ask fm ko ng mag enjoy konte kakasagot sa mga trip nyo.. Miss ko na tuloy mga ka chat ko :( heuheu


I still cant spill everything, I lie to much. Hope they all trust me especially him still trust me. Like blah blah, hope he don’t know everything, I want him to trust me. I want to be change and forget everything what I have done. I feel so sorry whom i hurt and still suffering all what I did which I can’t fix.

My new diary is my tumblr <3

I had my tumblr since 4 years ago. I used to be a basher whom someone I don’t really like, not feeling any guilt. I used to be a blogger whom posting some humorous joke and everyone like it. But now I will use my tumblr as my diary, I have a diary but my sisters always read all of it and teasing some things I write and it’s really awkward. I want a diary because I want something whom to write all my heartaches, failures, happiness, success, love and my thoughts. I’m not good in English that’s why writing a diary in English language would be challenging and I’m doing it since, and hope something improves. I want to eat tonight some dried fish and lots of rice. I’m planning to get fat.. Goodnight

I never change

I hate my self, still I can’t open my Facebook because of guilty and maybe i must face everything bad I made. This day I made again wrong, I know it is really bad and I already promised not to do those things again. I must be punished among all bad I made. Seriously I’m not the pretty girls out there like whom must be admired I feel guilt inside me.. I’m just a simple bad girl.. I must be punished all what I did to everyone I hurt, I cheated and everyhing.. Hope those all karma will teach me lesson whom will change me, and at the same time not ruined my entire life. I still wait the karma but asking for a hand of help not to burden too much. :(

"The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow."

- Dee Dee